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When Police Encounter Persons Who Stutter

thumbnail of police offer receiving drivers license from a possible PWS

With estimates of 68 million people who stutter worldwide, and 3 million people in the United States alone, chances are that police have or will encounter a PWS. Read More

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Partnerships for Preparedness

From a community standpoint, there have been many concerns and a change of vision regarding emergency preparedness, response, and recovery. It is necessary that public and private sectors work together to return the community to a sense of normalcy. Read More

thumbnail depicting info going viral

Events with the Potential to Go Viral

For centuries, only the news media had the tools to rapidly reach out and influence vast audiences to widely share a message. Without the help of the news media, a member of the public could not communicate with large audiences. Those days are over, forever. Read More

thumbnail of Tribal Police officers in costumes

Tribal Policing Partnerships

Today’s members of the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe in King County, Washington, are the descendants of ancient Duwamish and Upper Puyallup people who used to populate the Central Puget Sound area. Read More

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Solving Missing and Unidentified Persons Cases

According to data put out by the Department of Justice, Office of Justice Program’s Bureau of Justice Statistics, in a typical year, medical examiners and coroners will handle approximately 4,400 unidentified person cases. Read More

thumbnail of police officers

Advancing Police Legitimacy

Procedural justice is a general term referring to the way in which police officers exercise their authority. Read More


Did You Know…?

Policeman from 1850sWhat we call modern polygraphy—the science of truth verification based upon psychophysiological analogues—is barely 100 years old, though it’s roots go way back in time. Read More


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Director's Column

Director MelekianOn December 12, 2012 the Attorney General’s Defending Childhood National Task Force on Children Exposed to Violence released a report with 56 recommendations to address the epidemic of children who are direct victims of or witnesses to violence in our nation’s homes, schools and communities. Read More

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