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The Latest Information on Community Policing
A central mission of COPS is making the best and most practical information available to the law enforcement community. That community includes not only sheriffs and police officers, but also government leaders, first responders, scholars, students, and citizens who want to learn about the best ways to create safer communities. Community Policing Topics offers useful knowledge on critical subjects, such as working with new immigrants and the role of law enforcement in fighting terrorism. It also links you to other web sites, both governmental and private, with articles, courses and online resources in practical community policing.

Financial Crimes against the Elderly

Thumbnail image: Financial Crimes against the ElderlyEvery day, thousands of elderly persons become victims of financial crimes. Whether the crime is fraud committed by strangers or is financial exploitation by relatives and caregivers, most of these crimes are under- reported. Studies estimate that seniors lose more than $2.6 billion per year as a result of scams and other forms of financial exploitation. Read More

Crimes Against the Elderly: articles, websites, CD's, and more...

Youth Safety: Child Abuse and Bullying

image of young adultsEvery year, millions of children and adolescents in the United States are impacted by violence, neglect and abuse in their homes, schools, and communities. Police can and do play an important role in protecting youth from violence and other risks, and in preventing youth from engaging in acts of crime and disorder. Read More

Youth Safety Resources: articles, websites, CDs and more

New Immigrant Communities

image of police in the communityImmigrants today are transforming the United States, and not just in areas historically associated with immigration, such as California and New York. Since 1990, Nebraska, Kentucky, Minnesota and Idaho have all seen more than a 200 percent increase in their non-U.S.-born populations. Read More

New Immigrant Communities resources: articles, websites, CDs and more

Campus Safety

image of college campusWith over 15 million students and several million more faculty and staff at U.S. institutions of higher education, it is not surprising that campus safety is a field of great interest within community policing. Read More

Campus Safety resources: articles, websites, CDs and more

Recruitment & Hiring

image of officer graduationRecruiting, hiring and retaining service-oriented civilian and sworn personnel are essential to advancing community policing.  Read More

Recruitment & Hiring resources: articles, websites, CDs and more


Image of police officer typing on computer in carNo longer relegated to “nice-to-have” status or the province of the most prosperous, law enforcement technology has changed the way police conduct business and continues to do so. Emerging technologies and new uses for existing technologies are changing the landscape of police work every day. Read More

Technology resources: articles, websites, CDs and more

Patterns, Place and Community: Policing with an Analytic Edge

image of map In order to effectively advance community policing, adept law enforcement agencies recognize that analysis is a key ingredient to success.  Law enforcement personnel examine many aspects of the crime being targeted: locations, demographics, social problems, trends over time, crime report statistics, policing patterns. Read More

Patterns, Place and Community: Policing with an Analytic Edge resources: articles, websites, CDs and more

Performance Measurement

image of graphWhy do law enforcement agencies strive to measure their performance? For several reasons: To demonstrate to supervisory bodies and the public that they are spending their funds wisely (accountability); Read More

Performance Measurement resources: articles, websites, CDs and more


image of barbed wire fence against sunsetSimply defined, reentry is the process of leaving prison and returning to society. Reentry can be both a problem and a great opportunity for community policing. It is very often a difficult process, which involves not only the offender but also police, parole and probation officers, correctional workers, health care providers, social workers and even policymakers. Read More

Re-entry resources: articles, websites, CDs and more

Building Partnerships

image of officer and community leaderLaw enforcement can’t do it alone. An essential ingredient of community policing is building partnerships — with government agencies, community groups, nonprofits, private businesses, media, and other stakeholders. Explore the resources below to get fresh ideas on how to create partnerships that build solutions and increase trust between the police and the public. Read More

Building Partnerships with Stakeholders: articles, websites, CDs and more

Ethics & Integrity

image of government buildingPublic trust in law enforcement agencies to perform their responsibilities in an ethical manner is essential to effective crime control and community policing. Ethical law enforcement agencies are more effective, because the application of community policing helps build mutual respect and trust between police and citizens. Read More

Ethics & Integrity resources: articles, websites, CDs and more


image of drug exchangeThe COPS Office works to support comprehensive approaches to problems of drug abuse and drug-related crime. As most visitors to this site know, the trafficking and abuse of illicit drugs destroys neighborhoods, contributes to violence and victimization, and often ruins the lives of drug users and their families. Read More

Drugs resources: articles, websites, CDs and more

Gangs, Gang Membership & Comprehensive Strategies

image of young gang recruitsStreet gangs have a long history as part of the urban landscape in the United States. Today, most urban and many suburban and rural law enforcement agencies confront gang crimes directly or are addressing concerns about the imminent threat of gangs from residents and school personnel. Read More

Gangs resources: articles, websites, CDs and more

Homeland Security through Community Policing

image of police cruiserWhether it’s a robbery at a local gas station, sale of drugs, or money laundering, in today’s world fighting crime is fighting terrorism. When tragedy strikes, as it did on September 11, local law enforcement is often the first responder. Protecting our homeland is vital to our quality of life. Read More

Homeland Security through Community Policing resources: articles, websites, CDs and more

Treatment Courts

image of white columnsThere are many benefits of law enforcement working with the judge, prosecutor, defense counsel, and treatment coordinator/social worker to help focus on problem solving and recovery in an effort to produce safer communities. Read More

Treatment Court resources: articles, websites, CDs and more