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Crime Analysis and Crime Mapping Information Clearinghouse

Crime Mapping and Analysis by Community Organizations in Hartford, Connecticut, March 2001

Crime Mapping and Data Confidentiality

Crime Mapping Newsletter

Crime Mapping Principal and Practice, December, 1999

Demonstrating the Analytical Utility of GIS for Police Operations: A Final Report, July 2001

Geocoding in Law Enforcement, Final Report, August 2000

Guidelines to Implement and Evaluate Crime Analysis and Mapping in Law Enforcement, October 2000

Integrating Community Policing and Computer Mapping, February, 2000

Introductory Guide to Crime Analysis and Mapping, November 2001

Law Enforcement Agencies with Crime Mapping, May 2005

Manual of Crime Analysis Map Production, November 2000

Mapping Out Crime, July 1999

Mapping the Path to Problem Solving, October 1999

Privacy in the Information Age: A Guide for Sharing Crime Maps and Spatial Data, July 2001

Results of the First Invitational Advance Crime Mapping Topics Symposium, June, 2001

Spatial Analyses of Crime, July 2000

Strategic Approaches to Community Safety Initiative, December 2000

U.S. Department of Justice, Regional Crime Analysis Information System

Users' Guide to Mapping Software for Police Agencies 5th Edition, October 2003

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