COPS Publications

311 for Non-Emergencies: Helping Communities Once Call at a Time, COPS Fact Sheet, August 2003

Call Management and Community Policing: A Guidebook for Law Enforcement, July 2003

Crime Analysis and Crime Mapping Information Clearinghouse

Crime Mapping Newsletter

Geocoding in Law Enforcement, Final Report, August 2000

GJXDM Law Enforcement Information Exchange Package Workshop Report

Guidelines to Implement and Evaluate Crime Analysis and Mapping in Law Enforcement, October 2000

Information Exchange Package Documentation

Information Systems Technology Enhancement Project (ISTEP), January 2003

Information Systems Technology Enhancement Project: ISTEP Phase II Case Studies, November 2003

Integrating Community Policing and Computer Mapping, February, 2000

Introductory Guide to Crime Analysis and Mapping, November 2001

ISTEP Guide (Links to Conceptual Framework and Case Studies), April 1999

Law Enforcement Tech Guide: How to Plan, Purchase and Manage Technology (Successfully!) A Guide for Executives, Managers and Technologists, 2002

Local Law Enforcement Responds to Terrorism: Lessons in Prevention and Preparedness

Managing Citizen Calls to the Police: An Assessment of Non-Emergency Call Systems, October 2001

Manual of Crime Analysis Map Production, November 2000

Misuse and Abuse of 911, July 2004

Policing Smarter Through IT: Learning from Chicago's Citizen and Law Enforcement Analysis and Reporting (CLEAR) System, Dec 2003

Policing Smarter Through IT: Lessons in Enterprise Implementation, August 2004

Promising Strategies From the Field, March 2003

Tips for Ensuring Successful Technology Implementation (Fact Sheet), November 2002

Users' Guide to Mapping Software for Police Agencies 5th Edition, October 2003