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September 26, 2003


The U.S. Department of Justice Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) has awarded $59.6 million in homeland security grants to a total of 294 law enforcement agencies from each state. The grants will be used to supplement locally budgeted overtime expenses resulting from increased community policing patrols and services related to the ongoing threat of terrorism. The grants will also support programs that increase community safety and security, and reduce public fear. Today's grants were awarded under the new COPS Homeland Security Overtime Program, which was established to address one of the most critical issues confronting local law enforcement agencies since 9/11.

The grants will supplement officer overtime budgets for one year, and will fund up to 75 percent of the additional overtime costs of training and increased patrols related to homeland security concerns and fluctuations in the national threat advisory level. The grants may also cover overtime expenses resulting from the loss of police officers that are military reservists and have been called to active duty.

Grants were awarded to law enforcement agencies based on either the size of the population served or the number of officers the agency employs. COPS received 2,039 applications requesting $238.5 million. Fourteen percent of the applicants, or 294 law enforcement agencies, received grants. Of the $60 million appropriated for this program, $40 million was awarded to law enforcement agencies that serve a population of 150,000 or higher, and the remainder was awarded to agencies that serve fewer than 150,000 citizens.

"Since 9/11, the demands on local law enforcement resources have increased considerably. Police and Sheriffs' Departments are doing more, and it's costing them more. These grants will help their budgets keep pace with their increased responsibilities," said COPS Office Director Carl R. Peed.

Since 1995, COPS has provided more than $6.9 billion to nearly 13,000 state and local law enforcement agencies to hire over 118,000 officers, deputies, and troopers. COPS also provides community policing training and technical assistance resources.

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