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School-Based Partnership Grants

School-Based Partnership (SBP) grants provided police agencies the opportunity to work with schools and community-based organizations to address persistent school-crime-related problems.

Applicants were required to focus on one crime or disorder problem occurring in or around an elementary or secondary school. Projects include the following:

Applicants used problem-solving methods to discover the causes of the problem, develop tailored responses to it, and assess the impact of those responses. To help communities use creative problem solving to address school-related problems, these grants funded such resources as computer technology, crime analysis personnel, student surveys and victim/offender interviews, community organizers, school personnel or students involved in analysis or project coordination, and training and technical assistance in collaborative problem-solving.

SBP '98: This grant program, which was announced in September 1998, awarded $16.5 million to 155 agencies. Supplemental awards for this program were announced in August 1999, with 124 agencies receiving $1.9 million in additional funding.

SBP '99: This grant program, which was announced in August 1999, awarded more than $13.2 million to 120 agencies.

No local match was required under SBP, although each agency was encouraged to contribute an in-kind match to its project. This program has not been funded in recent years.