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Frequently Asked Questions

Question My department was notified that it was awarded a COPS UHP grant. When should I expect to receive the actual award?

Answer It may take up to eight weeks following the announcement of an award before the actual award package is generated and mailed. Often, awards are announced at an estimated level of funding. Final budget approval must be obtained before the actual award amount is available.

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Question Once I receive my award package from the COPS Office, when can I begin drawing down funds?

Answer The award document must first be signed by your agency's law enforcement and government executives, and then returned to the COPS Office. You should allow approximately two to three weeks for the COPS Office and the Office of the Comptroller to process the signed award and mail the necessary information and password to access the paperless draw down system (PAPRS).

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Question What if our agency cannot accept the grant or can only accept part of the grant?

Answer If your agency is unable to accept the entire grant, you must submit a letter to your COPS Grant Program Specialist briefly explaining why you cannot accept the award. Be sure to also include a completed Financial Status Report (Form 269A), even if no funds have been drawn down.

If your agency can only accept part of a UHP award, it is best to contact your Grant Program Specialist to arrange a modification for your award. A modification allows your agency to reduce your UHP award to a level consistent with your agency's current budgetary and staffing needs. If your agency requests a modification, please keep in mind that the COPS Office cannot increase the number of officers your agency was awarded under UHP, or increase the amount of federal funds awarded. UHP modification requests are evaluated on a case by case basis.

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Question If I already have a UHP grant, how do I request additional officers?

Answer All UHP applicants, regardless of the number of prior UHP awards they have received, are required to submit new UHP applications for any additional UHP officer funding requested. Additionally, UHP applications for additional officer positions should only be submitted during an open solicitation for applications. During a UHP open solicitation, application kits may be downloaded from Current Funding on this website, or may be obtained by calling the COPS Office Response Center, at 800.421.6770.

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Question What should I do if we never received the PAPRS information packet?

Answer If you did not receive the Phone Activated Paperless Request System paperwork that allows your agency to access its funds, you must request that the packet be re-mailed to you. Please fax your request for a re-mailing to the Office of the Comptroller with the vendor number for your agency, the grant number for your agency, and the name and address of the person who should receive the information. This information must be prepared on your agency's letterhead and faxed to 202.514.9028.

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Question What should I do if my grant-funded officer quits the police force?

Answer As long as your agency does not request reimbursement funding for that officer's position until the position is backfilled (replaced), there is no need to inform COPS about the change. If, however, you do not anticipate filling the position within one year, you may wish to submit a letter of explanation to your Grant Program Specialist so it may be noted in your file.

Additionally, approximately three months before your UHP grant is scheduled to expire, the COPS Office will provide your agency with an opportunity to request a no cost time extension for your grant. A no-cost time extension allows your agency to request additional time to complete grant requirements and/or draw down allowable funding when there are vacant periods in COPS funded positions (e.g. delays in hiring, officer turnover, etc.). Please note that a UHP extension will not provide your agency with additional grant funds.

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