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 SEPTEMBER 21, 2001


12 states to receive funding to purchase over 700 video cameras to increase officer safety and promote integrity

Washington, DC. - Attorney General, John Ashcroft, and the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) today announced $3.2 million in grants for the purchase of more than 700 in-car video cameras. These grants will go to 12 state police agencies to help promote officer safety and integrity. Grants were awarded to state police agencies in Alaska, Connecticut, Idaho, Massachusetts, Missouri, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Utah, Virginia, and Wyoming.

COPS will also be awarding over $500,000 for in-car camera training and $190,500 to fund an evaluation of the effectiveness of in-car cameras on officer safety and integrity. 

"These cameras can benefit and protect both officers and citizens," said COPS' Director Carl Peed. "Cameras mounted in patrol cars serve as a deterrent to assaults on officers, as a training device, as evidence in trials, and for promoting officer integrity." 

COPS funds the addition of officers to walk a beat and to advance community policing nationwide. Community policing is a crime fighting strategy that encourages law enforcement to work in partnership with the community to solve crime problems.

In addition to funding law enforcement positions, COPS has been the catalyst for innovations in community policing, and the broad implementation of this effective law enforcement strategy. Currently, approximately 86% of the nation's population is served by law enforcement agencies practicing community policing, compared with 15% in 1993.

Including the grants announced today, COPS has provided $15.2 million to fund the purchasing of more than 3600 in-car video cameras.