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CHRP Post-Application Period FAQs

What should agencies do if they were unable to complete their CHRP application before the application closed?

What should agencies do if they want to revise their CHRP application after the application period has closed?

What is the formula for disbursing these CHRP grant funds?

When should an agency expect notification if awarded CHRP grant funds?

How does an agency verify their application was received?

What should an agency do if they are awarded CHRP funds, but does not have a Central Contractor Registration (CCR) number?

What should an agency do if it determines after submitting its CHRP application that it must schedule officer lay-offs and it now wishes to use CHRP funds, if awarded, to rehire laid off officers (or prevent a scheduled lay-off), rather than hire new officers?

What should an agency do if it determines, after it is awarded CHRP funds, it will not be able to retain the hired officers after the 36 month grant period due to severe fiscal distress?

What documentation does my agency need to provide if it requests a retention exemption?

  1. That your agency did plan for retention. Documents that might demonstrate an agency's intent to retain the CHRP-funded positions following the conclusion of funding for each position might include, but are not limited to, council meeting minutes, local government memoranda and/or future budget projections that demonstrate an agency's intent to add the funded positions to its local budget and attempts to seek additional law enforcement funding for the positions. 
  2. That your agency is unable to implement its retention plan as a result of severe fiscal distress, natural disaster or other mitigating circumstances. The criteria can be found in the COPS Grant Monitoring Standards and Guidelines (Revised July 2001, Page 22).

What will happen if my agency is no longer able to retain during the retention period?

What will happen if my agency is only able to retain some but not all of the awarded positions? 

If my agency does receive a retention exemption, what impact will this have on our ability to receive additional COPS grant funds?

What will happen if my agency applies for but does not receive an exemption, but we still do not retain the positions?

What is the procedure to withdraw an application for a grant after it has been submitted?

The Community Policing Plan Narrative of my CHRP application was cut off because it was over the 2000 character limit. Will this be a disqualifying factor when my application is reviewed?

My agency's fiscal year runs from July 1 to July 30. When we submitted our CHRP application for 5 new officer positions, our agency's budgeted sworn law enforcement strength was higher than it will be starting in our new fiscal year (July 1, 2009), because we experienced budget cuts to our sworn personnel after submitting the CHRP application. (For example, we reported 100 locally-funded sworn officer positions in our CHRP application, but as of July 1, 2009, we will have only 80 locally-funded sworn officer positions because of a 20% budget cut to the sworn personnel line item in our budget.) The budget cuts occurred as a result of severe local fiscal distress, but we did not have the opportunity to report this information in our CHRP application. If we do receive a CHRP grant, will our agency be required to maintain the previous (higher) level of budgeted sworn officer positions that we reported in our grant application (in addition to hiring or rehiring the CHRP positions) to comply with the nonsupplanting requirement? (For example, would we be required to fund the originally reported 100 locally-funded officers plus the 5 CHRP officers, for a total of 105 officers? Or could we fund the 80 locally-funded positions that exist in our budget as of July 1, 2009, plus the 5 CHRP positions, for a total of 85 positions?)

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