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 For Immediate Release
January 13, 2006

CONTACT: Corey Ray
(202) 616-1728


The U.S. Department of Justice Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) has announced the availability of several technical assistance resources intended to help law enforcement and their communities combat methamphetamine and crimes related to the drug's use, production, and distribution.

Tools for Combating Meth contains practical guidebooks that address issues such as clandestine drug labs, drug dealing in open-air markets and privately owned apartment complexes and identity theft. Other publications included in the toolkit address the environmental dangers involved in meth production and provide best practices for combating meth based on previous COPS funded meth programs.

Tools for Combating Meth is a vital resource for law enforcement and communities experiencing the damaging effects methamphetamine has on our citizens, our children and our environment," said COPS Director Carl R. Peed. "Along with this toolkit, COPS has invested more than $385 million nationwide to combat the spread of methamphetamine, plus hosted three annual methamphetamine conferences that convened the nation's leading methamphetamine enforcement experts with practitioners from every corner of the country. This is a problem that requires attention on all levels and we're happy to do our part in helping law enforcement protect their neighborhoods."

Tools for Combating Meth is available free of charge, and can be downloaded from COPS Online or can be ordered by contacting COPS Response Center at 800-421-6770 or

The COPS Office is a federal agency responsible for advancing community policing nationwide and supporting state, tribal, and local law enforcement agencies. Since 1995, COPS has invested $11.9 billion to advance community policing, including nearly 36,000 grants awarded to more than 13,000 state and local law enforcement agencies to hire more than 118,000 officers and provide numerous technical assistance resources.

For detailed information about COPS, visit the COPS website.


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