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Solving Crime Problems: Links to Other Resources

National Criminal Justice Reference Service
The National Criminal Justice Reference Service is a Department of Justice clearinghouse containing information on criminal justice issues in a searchable database. NCJRS lists over 100 publications on the topic of Problem-Oriented Policing.

Problem-Oriented Policing Network (POPNet)
The Problem-Oriented Policing Network (POPNet) was created and is operated with support from the COPS Office. POPNet is managed by the Police Executive Research Forum and contains information about problem-solving policing efforts searchable by a specific problem or police agency. Freely available to practitioners, researchers, and students, it is designed to encourage the sharing of information on problem-solving efforts.

U.K.ís Home office of Crime Reduction
The United Kingdom's Crime Reduction web site is dedicated to providing information, ideas, and experience to prevent and reduce crime in public and private sectors. The web site includes "Crime Reduction Toolkits" that contain information, advice, and strategies designed to guide police agencies in dealing with specific problems. Existing crime prevention efforts are available in a searchable "Knowledgebase." Several publications containing information about problem solving policing are also available.