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Methamphetamine Initiatives

COPS Methamphetamine grants help state and local law enforcement agencies reduce the production, distribution, and use of methamphetamine. COPS Methamphetamine grants awarded since 1998 total more than $448 million. These innovative community policing grants encourage recipients to develop partnerships with such entities as community leaders, local fire departments, drug courts, prosecutors, child protective services, treatment providers, and other law enforcement agencies to create a coordinated response to methamphetamine proliferation. COPS grants have funded equipment, training, and personnel to improve intelligence-gathering capabilities, enforcement efforts, lab clean-up, training related to drug endangered children, and the prosecution of those who engage in methamphetamine-related crimes. Additionally, COPS has provided more than $120 million to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) for clandestine methamphetamine lab clean-up, specialized enforcement training, and statewide methamphetamine summits.

COPS received nearly $63 million in funding for methamphetamine-related efforts in fiscal year 2006. The majority of this funding was awarded directly to state and local law enforcement agencies to purchase officer safety equipment and supplies, and to provide training to essential first responder personnel responsible for combating the use and distribution of methamphetamine in jurisdictions across the United States.

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