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Star For Immediate Release
June 16, 2015

CONTACT: Mary Brandenberger

Readout of COPS Office, Major Cities Chiefs Association roundtable discussion to implement President's Task Force recommendations

The Office of Community Oriented Policing Services, Major Cities Chiefs Association, police executives and law enforcement leaders convened in Nashville, Tenn. today for the first in a series of leadership roundtable discussions to identify strategies to implement the recommendations from the President's Task Force on 21st Century Policing.

The discussions explored challenges associated with implementation, experiences and lessons from agencies that are working to implement some of the recommendations and the role of senior leaders making the changes called for in the report. Key ideas from the discussion will be captured and shared with the field through a report.

“The COPS Office is pleased to support this convening through the Major Cities Chiefs Association, and we're looking forward to the upcoming discussions across the country,” said COPS Office Director Ronald Davis.

In attendance at today's roundtable, amongst other law enforcement leaders, were Task Force Co-Chair and Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey, Major Cities Chief Association Executive Director and Task Force Technical Advisor Darrel Stephens, Metropolitan Nashville Police Chief Steve Anderson, and COPS Office Chief of Staff Melanca Clark and COPS Office Policy Analyst Billie Yrlas Coleman.

“It was incredible to see the commitment of the diverse agencies in the room – both geographically and in size – come together to advance community policing and the law enforcement practices,” said COPS Office Chief of Staff Melanca Clark.

At today's Nashville convening, law enforcement leaders shared the work of their respective agencies with regard to implementing the report recommendations, in-depth discussion of the recommendations focusing on transparency and accountability, procedural justice, measuring trust, civilian oversight and comprehensive policy development.

“Those gathered today recognize that the task force recommendations serve as a blueprint for law enforcement agencies – large and small – moving forward,” said Major Cities Chief Association Executive Director and Task Force Technical Advisor Darrel Stephens, who facilitated today's discussion. “The report serves as a great tool for departments to measure and evaluate current practices on an agency-by-agency level, and to take a look at not only what they should be doing, but what they can do moving forward to advance their respective departments, and ultimately the field.”

Today's convening through the Major Cities Chiefs Association is the first of three discussions to take place around the country. The COPS Office will work with MCC to hold additional, upcoming discussions on July 28 in Arlington, Texas, and Aug. 20 in Tucson, Ariz.

The roundtables will focus on core recommendations. Additionally, the Nashville roundtable discussion further explored community engagement, Arlington will focus on recommendations regarding public trust, and the Tucson will focus on partnerships with the youth, leadership training and officer safety and wellness.