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Resources for Law Enforcement Agencies

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Police responded to a shooting at the Century 16 movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, early this morning. (Karl Gehring / The Denver Post via

Following the tragic events in Kansas City and Ft. Hood, the COPS Office would like to highlight available resources that may help  other law enforcement agencies respond to difficult situations, should the need ever arise.  Two such courses have been developed by the Virginia Center for Policing Innovation:

Law Enforcement Response to Active Shooter

This is a three-day, highly interactive course which focuses on tactical and procedural elements of law enforcement response to active shooter incidents. The course is designed to apply the tactical and procedural elements of active shooter response to multiple environments. Through lecture, class discussion, practical exercises and scenarios using sim-unitions training and/or range “shoot house” training, participants will identify and utilize techniques and tactics to respond effectively to an active shooter incident to locate, isolate, contain or eliminate the threat and conduct evacuation of innocent bystanders.  Course objectives include the following:

Critical Incidents and a Department’s Media Response

A law enforcement agency’s ability to communicate with the public through media is never more critical than in times of crisis.  This course prepares law enforcement agencies in media relations, specifically in how to get the word out, work with the community and ensure that yourintended message is heard.  This course  is a one-day, highly interactive course which introduces participants to the basic skills necessary to work effectively with the media — as partners — in their communities, particularly during times of crisis. Participants will explore the similarities and differences among print, television, and radio media, learn how to conduct an effective interview, write a news release, and involve the media in your community meetings,

For more information, contact Lynda O’Connell, VCPI, at 804.644.0899 for pricing and availability in your region.