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Child Sexual Predator Program

FY 2010 Child Sexual Predator Program Awards

COPS Child Sexual Predator Program grants provide funding directly to law enforcement agencies to reduce child endangerment. This funding allows recipients the opportunity to establish and/or enhance strategies to locate, arrest, and prosecute child sexual predators and exploiters and to enforce state sex offender registration laws.  CSPP aims to support community policing initiatives throughout the United States by promoting partnerships between law enforcement and other community partners to collectively reduce and prevent child endangerment by sexual predators.

Child Sexual Predator Program Award Package Materials

2010 COPS Child Sexual Predator Program (CSPP) Grant Owner's Manual Icon: PDF Document
Accepting Your Award Icon: PDF Document
Grant Payment Request System (GPRS) Icon: PDF Document
SF-425 Fact Sheet Icon: PDF Document
SF-425 FAQs Icon: PDF Document
SF-425 Helpful Hints Icon: PDF Document
Federal Civil Rights Icon: PDF Document
Change of Information Icon: PDF Document
Publication Request Icon: PDF Document
Sample Successful Applications