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The COPS Office announced the 2016
Community Policing Development (CPD) Program awards.
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Please check back for future funding opportunities.

Details about the 2016 program:

  • CPD funds are used to advance the practice of community policing through training and technical assistance, the development of innovative community policing strategies, applied research, guidebooks, and best practices that are national in scope
  • Open to all public governmental agencies, profit and nonprofit institutions, institutions of higher education, community groups, and faith-based organizations
  • Up to $8 million is available
  • Topic areas include: Microgrant Initiative for Law Enforcement, Critical Response Technical Assistance, Community Policing Emerging Issues Forums, Community Policing Training Projects, Law Enforcement Led 21st Century Policing Demonstration Projects, 21st Century Policing and Implementation Projects
  • Addresses recommendations contained in the report of the President's Task Force on 21st Century Policing

Program Documents

Pre-Award Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Fact Sheet
Community Policing Development Program: 2016 - 2012