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2010 State Reports

Below are the COPS grants that has gone to your state to-date. The information is available in three ways; COPS Quick Facts, COPS Grants by Program and COPS Grant by Agency. Quick Facts is a concise one-page summary of the dollars and the number additional police officers and sheriffs deputies that have been funded in your state. You will also find the amount and number of the school resource officers funded to serve in and around schools. It also sums the total number of your local and state agencies that have received COPS grants, and how much has been invested in crime fighting technology. The remaining two reports are a complete list of the grants that have gone to your state just organize in different formats, one by agency and the other by COPS grant program.

If you would like this information for a congressional district please feel free to contact us at 202.514.9079 or by email.

Alabama Illinois Nebraska Rhode Island
Alaska Indiana Nevada South Carolina
American Samoa Iowa New Hampshire South Dakota
Arizona Kansas New Jersey Tennessee
Arkansas Kentucky New Mexico Texas
California Louisiana New York Utah
Colorado Maine North Carolina Vermont  
Connecticut Maryland North Dakota Virgin Islands
Delaware Massachusetts Ohio Virginia
District of Columbia Michigan Oklahoma Washington
Florida Minnesota Oregon West Virginia
Georgia Mississippi Pennsylvania Wisconsin
Guam Missouri Puerto Rico Wyoming
Hawaii Montana