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COPS Hiring Recovery Program (CHRP) Nonsupplanting Scenarios

Nonsupplanting Scenarios | Nonsupplanting Frequently Asked Questions

(1) On February 1, 2009, a Police Department was forced to lay-off nine (9) sworn officers due to budget reductions that affected the entire city and were the result of severe local fiscal distress. May the Police Department apply for CHRP funding to rehire the nine (9) officers that were laid off in February 2009? If so, when can the officers be rehired?

Yes. CHRP grant funding may be used to rehire career law enforcement officers that were laid off (at the time of application) due to local budget cuts. 

If a CHRP grant is awarded, the Police Department may rehire the laid off officers on or after the official grant award start date. In addition, the Police Department will need to maintain records in its grant files documenting the date of the lay-off(s) and the date of the rehire(s).
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(2) A Police Department reported in a previous COPS grant application that it had a locally-funded sworn force baseline of 100 full-time office positions. However, at the time of the CHRP grant application, the Police Department has 10 existing, unfunded officer vacancies. Can CHRP funds be used to fill those vacancies?

Yes. If the vacant officer positions are currently unfunded in the law enforcement budget due to local fiscal distress that resulted in budget cuts unrelated to the CHRP grant, CHRP funds may be used to hire new, additional sworn officers to fill the vacancies on or after the grant award start date.
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(3) A Police Department is in the first year of a three-year CHRP grant. The City Council has just announced that all City agencies must reduce their personnel budgets by 15% because of local fiscal distress. This will result in the lay-off of five (5) locally-funded full-time sworn officers within the Police Department. The Police Department currently has five (5) vacant CHRP-funded sworn officer positions that were awarded to the agency to hire five (5) new sworn officers. The Police Department would like to use the CHRP funding to rehire the five (5) officers that will be laid off due to budget cuts instead of hiring for new officers. What steps should the Police Department take to protect its CHRP grant funding?

The Police Department must request a post-award grant modification since the agency wishes to change the hiring category it received funding under post-award. The Police Department must receive prior approval from the COPS Office for this change before spending CHRP funding. To obtain information on modifying a CHRP grant award please contact the COPS Response Center at 1-800-421-6770.
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(4) A Sheriff's Department received a CHRP grant with a grant award start date of September 1, 2009. The CHRP grant awarded the Sheriff's Department funding to rehire three (3) full-time sworn officers who were scheduled to be laid off on November 15, 2009 due to local fiscal distress. When can the three (3) full-time officers be rehired with the CHRP grant? Does the Sheriff's Department have to formally lay-off the officers before rehiring them with the CHRP grant funds?

The Sheriff’s Department must continue to pay the officers with its own funds from the grant award start date of September 1, 2009 until November 15, 2009, the date of the scheduled lay-off. As of November 15, the officers can be “rehired” under the CHRP grant with no break in service (the officers do not need to be formally laid off prior to transferring them to CHRP funding). The Sheriff’s Department will need to maintain records in its grant files documenting the: (a) date of the lay-off(s); (b) the number of officers laid off; (c) the number of officers rehired with CHRP funds; (d) the date of the rehire(s); and (e) the reason for the lay-off(s) (specifically showing reasons unrelated to the receipt of CHRP funding). [Please keep in mind that CHRP grant funds will cover only an entry-level sworn officer salary and benefits package over a three-year period. Any additional funding higher than entry-level that the Sheriff Department pays the rehired officers must be paid with local funds.]
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(5) A Police Department has an active COPS Universal Hiring Program (UHP) Grant for three (3) full-time officer positions that will expire on August 31, 2009. Is the Police Department eligible to apply for CHRP funding to hire new, additional officers in April 2009 if its UHP grant is still active?

Yes. The Police Department may apply for CHRP grant funding with an active UHP award. However, the three officer positions awarded under UHP must be retained with state, local or Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) funds following the conclusion of the 36 month funding period as required by the UHP program. If awarded, CHRP grant funds must be used to hire new, additional officers over and above what the Police Department has already committed to fund, including those officers retained under the UHP award.
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Please call the COPS Office Response Center at 1-800-421-6770.