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FY 2007 At a Glance

In fiscal year 2007, the COPS office continued its support of state and local community policing efforts through grants, the development of technical assistance resources, and by working closely with law enforcement executives to address critical community policing efforts.

2007 Grant Programs

Technology Program
2007 Grant Recipient List  PDFicon: acrobat pdf  TXT

COPS announced $159 million in crime fighting technology grants to 37 law enforcement agencies in 25 states and one U.S. territory. The grants were awarded under COPS Technology Program and can be used to support the development of integrated voice and data communication networks among emergency response agencies within the same metropolitan statistical area. The grants will cover the purchase of equipment, enhancements to voice and data network infrastructures, and project management expenses.

Methamphetamine Grant Program
Initiative Grant Program 2007 Grant Recipient List  PDFicon: acrobat pdf  TXT
Training and Technical Assistance 2007 Grant Recipient List  PDFicon: acrobat pdf  TXT

COPS announced $49.5 million in grants to fight methamphetamine. Of this amount, $43.6 million was awarded to 117 law enforcement agencies in 38 states under COPS Methamphetamine Initiative, and $5.9 million was awarded to 14 training organizations in 11 states Under the Methamphetamine Training and Technical Assistance program.

The Methamphetamine Initiative grants can be used to help communities combat the manufacture, use, and distribution of meth, and to collaborate with other entities in the prevention and treatment of meth abuse. Methamphetamine Training and Technical Assistance program funds are intended to increase the capacity of training and technical assistance providers to develop a more informed and engaged community with regard to meth use and abuse.

Secure Our Schools
2007 Grant Recipient List  PDFicon: acrobat pdf  TXT

Grants totaling $14.8 million were awarded to 152 local law enforcement agencies to enhance school safety in 36 states. The grants were awarded under the Secure Our Schools program, which provides funds to improve security at schools and on school grounds.

Tribal Resources Grant Program
2007 Grant Recipient List  PDFicon: acrobat pdf  TXT

COPS announced grants totaling $14.7 million to 92 tribal police departments and governments in 23 states. The funds are intended to support tribal law enforcement efforts to reduce crime and disorder, and to enhance the services that they provide

Additionally, 29 of the 117 methamphetamine grants awarded by COPS this year were made to tribal law enforcement agencies, which is the largest number of tribal departments that COPS has funded through our meth program, in any fiscal year.

Community Policing Development Grant Program
In FY 2007 COPS also announced $8.7 million in grants to 32 organizations to establish programs and initiate studies that address key community policing issues. The deliverables from the programs and studies that will be addressed through these grants are intended to be national models that law enforcement agencies throughout the country that are dealing with similar issues can look to for guidance. The grants support programs and studies on issues ranging from racially biased policing and campus safety to intelligence sharing and working with immigrant communities

Knowledge-Based Resources

In FY 2007, COPS developed 29 technical assistance publications and 6 CD ROMs on specific community policing issues, 3 manuals to assist COPS law enforcement agencies with the administration of their grants, and 6 issue briefs on issues related to establishing effective interoperable communications networks.

COPS distributed 181,000 publications and engaged in 30,799 telephone and correspondence interactions with customers through our COPS Response Center. Additionally, COPS trained 42,000 law enforcement officers, local government officials and civic leaders though our national network of Regional Community Policing Institutes.