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Allowable Costs

DEFINITION: Allowable costs are those costs that are reimbursable by the COPS Office, as specified by the provisions/requirements of the grant. The provisions/requirements include: the approved budget, the financial clearance memorandum, the OJP Financial Guide, and the Grant Owner's Manual (if applicable), which are included in the grant award package; the COPS Office authorizing statute; and applicable rules, regulations and policies issued by the federal government. The financial clearance memorandum limits the amount that may be charged for each category. However, the COPS Office reserves the ability to reprogram the grantee budget upon request. The costs should be reasonable in nature and permissible under the specific grant conditions.

COMPLIANCE: The COPS Office will verify compliance through documentation evidencing that costs are consistent with the grant award package. Documentation may include, but is not limited to, budgets, payroll records, meeting minutes, purchase orders, and invoices.