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DEFINITION: Time savings for redeployment applies only to the MORE Grant program. The COPS MORE Program goal is to reduce the amount of paperwork and administrative tasks performed by veteran sworn trained officers so that they can spend more time on the street and in America's neighborhoods. Grants awarded under MORE are restricted to the purchase of technology, equipment, overtime for officers (MORE '95 only), and the hiring of civilian support resources that will redeploy officers, or full-time equivalents (FTEs), and enhance community policing activities within the agency's jurisdiction.

COMPLIANCE: Once a MORE grant is fully operational, grantees must demonstrate, through a tracking plan, that the time savings achieved through grant funding has allowed them to deploy officers into community policing activities. The level of time savings achieved, and resulting deployment of officers into community policing activities, should be at a level consistent with the required level of full-time equivalents reflected in the grant award.

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