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Local Match

DEFINITION: For most COPS awards, the grantee is obligated to match a portion of the costs of the program, cost or activities unless a written waiver is obtained from the COPS Office. Generally, these funds cannot come from monies previously budgeted for law enforcement purposes or from most other federal sources.

COMPLIANCE: The COPS Office monitors the source of the local match, the amount of local match, and the timing of when the match is paid. The local match must be a cash match and the source of the funds may not be federal unless authorized by federal statute. The local match funds must be in addition to funds previously budgeted for specific law enforcement purposes and may not have come from other COPS grants.

Examples of generally acceptable sources of matching funds include:

Unless a full waiver is authorized, the COPS Office monitors the local match contribution to determine if the amount/percentage is consistent with the statutory local match requirement.

In addition, the COPS Office monitors the timing of the local match payments to ensure that they are paid during the active grant period (not before or after the grant award start and end dates).