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COPS Learning Portal

The Community Policing Learning Portal provides, free of charge, community policing training and tools to law enforcement, citizens, COPS grantees and community policing instructors. The purpose of the portal is to encourage the advancement and institutionalization of community policing within law enforcement agencies and communities nationwide by providing easy-to-use, interactive online community policing courses and resources. As the premier single source for community policing training, law enforcement agencies can utilize the portal to not only increase the knowledge of their personnel and support staff, but also, with the power of the Internet, bring these resources to their communities and local governments.

To access the Community Policing Learning Portal please visit

Training Courses

star bullet Community Policing Training and Technical Assistance
star bullet COPS Grantee Training and Technical Assistance
star bullet COPS Podcasts
star bullet Ethics and Integrity Training
star bullet General Law Enforcement Training
star bullet Hemorrhage Control Demo
star bullet Homicide Prevention Training
star bullet Immigrant Communities Training
star bullet Police Training Officer (PTO) Training
star bullet Tribal and Alaskan Native Training and Technical Assistance
star bullet Upcoming Training Initiatives
star bullet Youth Safety Training
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