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Closing Out Your Grant

An essential part of any federal grant program is a proper programmatic and financial "closeout" of each award at the end of the grant period. The COPS Office has created a closeout process to expedite the closure of our grant awards, and will contact grantees when their awards are due to be closed. During the closeout process, the COPS Office will determine whether your agency has met and fulfilled all of the programmatic and financial requirements and conditions of your grant.

Grantees can prepare for the closeout of their awards by saving all pertinent paperwork associated with the grants to be closed. Additionally, grantees can download the COPS Office Closeout Notification Toolkit to familiarize themselves with federal end-of-grant requirements, such as the submission of a final Federal Financial Report (SF-425). The final Federal Financial Report (SF-425) for your grant is due to the COPS Office after the end of the grant period, and should reflect the total amount of federal expenditures, the total amount of matching contributions (if applicable), and the amount of unobligated funds, if any. Any unobligated or unspent funds will be deobligated during the closeout process.

Please note that all documentation associated with a COPS grant must be saved for at least three years following the closure of the grant award.

If you have any additional questions regarding the COPS closeout process, please contact your Grant Program Specialist at 800.421.6770.

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