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Waivers of the Local Match

Under certain circumstances, the COPS Office will grant a partial or full "waiver" of a grantee's required local match. Under a partial waiver, the COPS Office pays 90 percent of salary and benefit costs for each officer awarded (or 90 percent of total project costs for equipment grants). Under a full waiver, COPS pays 100 percent of the awarded officers' salary and benefit costs (or 100 percent of total project costs for equipment grants).

To maximize the number of communities COPS grants benefit, the COPS Office only waives the local match upon a satisfactory and documented demonstration of severe fiscal distress. Such severe fiscal distress may be demonstrated by the following factors:

Please note that waiver requests must be submitted at the time of original grant application. Furthermore, whether or not a waiver is granted, all grantees must develop, implement, and submit to the COPS Office a specific plan for retaining the officer positions funded (or resulting FTE redeployed) with state or local funds for at least one full locally-funded budget cycle. Receiving a waiver of the local match does not exempt a grantee from this retention requirement.


























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