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CHRP Grant Management Training

The COPS Office is pleased to announce that 2009 COPS Hiring and Recovery Program (CHRP) grantee agencies now have access to no cost, interactive online training courses and resources to help them manage their grants and implement their community policing plans. All CHRP grantees are encouraged to visit to access this training. At this time, each grantee organization will be restricted to two registrants for access to the training site. The COPS Office strongly recommends that grantees utilize this access for their organizationís grants administrator and training coordinator, so that they can participate in the current available resources and upcoming training opportunities. As additional site capacity and training resources are added, you will be notified and encouraged to register additional users on the site.

To access this site, please have your grants administrator and training coordinator go to and register. Please note you will need your ORI and DUNS numbers to register. You can find these numbers on the most recent copy of your CHRP application.

























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