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Fiscal Year 2007 Funding for COPS

On February 15, 2007, President Bush signed a final continuing resolution to fund the government through September 30, the end of fiscal year 2007. The continuing resolution allocates nearly $542 million to COPS public safety programs, including technology, methamphetamine, school safety, tribal resources, and law enforcement training. Of this total, COPS is expected to administer approximately $278 million through the following programs:

COPS Programs FY 2007
Technology $166,100,000
Methamphetamine $70,000,000
Indian Country $15,000,000
Community Policing Development $9,500,000
Secure Our Schools $15,000,000

The COPS Office crafts grant programs that are responsive to the needs of state, local, and tribal law enforcement from the funding available in this final continuing resolution. For additional details on COPS public safety programs, please contact the COPS Office External Affairs Division at 202.514.4229.

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