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COPS Count

COPS Count 2004 

From May 3, 2004 through July 30, 2004 grantees were able to log on to their accounts and complete COPS Count surveys. COPS Count is a survey of grantees conducted to assess progress in the hiring, deployment, and redeployment of community policing officers. The information obtained from the surveys is used to demonstrate the overall progress of agencies in hiring and redeploying all COPS funded officers. The COPS Count is an important monitoring tool that assesses both individual law enforcement agency achievements and COPS' accomplishments as a whole.

During the survey, recipients of Making Officer Redeployment Effective (MORE) awards and hiring awards are asked about the status of their grants, including the number of officers and civilians hired, anticipated and actual hiring dates, and dates that technology and equipment have been or will be purchased.

The most recent COPS Count was completed in August, 2004 using data collected from COPS grantees from May through July 2004. The results from this round of surveying indicate that 101,962 positions were hired or redeployed through COPS programs.




























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