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The PAPRS Drawdown System

The Grant Payment Request System (GPRS)

GPRS is an upgraded web-based payment request system called the Grant Payment Request System (GPRS).

Accessing GPRS

GPRS can be accessed online at Grantees may self-register using the “New User Registration” link on the GPRS login page. See the GPRS User Guide for more information on registration and draw downs.

See also: GPRS Frequently Asked Questions

Adding a New Award to the Agency Username

If you have recently received a new award, and currently have an active Username in GPRS, please email the following information to the COPS GPRS Registration Team.

GPRS Password Reset

If your Agency is “locked-out” of the GPRS System please utilize one of the following options:

Automated Clearing House (ACH)
Vendor/Miscellaneous Form (SF-3881)

To access funds through GPRS, grantees must have an Automated Clearing House (ACH) Vendor/Miscellaneous Payment (SF-3881) enrollment form on file with OJP and must be current with their Federal Financial Reports (SF-425). Instructions for completing the ACH form can be found in all COPS Grant Owner's Manuals.


For questions and assistance, please contact the COPS Response Center by phone at 1.800.421.6770 or by email. Grantees may additionally contact the Office of the Chief Financial Officer Customer Service Branch (OJP) by phone at 1.800.458.0786 (option 2) or by email.

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