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Publication Releases

The COPS Office keeps America apprised of its accomplishments through publication releases. These publication releases chronicle the COPS Office's achievements over the years.


COPS Office Releases Intervention Guide to Eliminate Drug Markets
COPS Office Releases Publication, Uniting Communities Post-9/11
COPS Office Releases Multimedia on Responding to Hate Crimes
COPS Office Releases New Multimedia on Anti-Bullying


COPS Office Releases a Publication and News Brief
COPS Office Releases 5 Publications
COPS Office Releases 5 Publications at the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) 2014 Conference
COPS Office Releases New Publication, Strengthening the Relationship between Law Enforcement and Communities of Color
COPS Office and the Urban Institute Releases Report Entitled “Stop and Frisk: Balancing Crime Control with Community Relations”
COPS Office Releases 6 Awareness Briefs on Social Media Tactics Used by Violent Extremists
COPS Office and Not in Our Town (NIOT) Release Film To Help Law Enforcement and Communities Work Together on Hate Crime Prevention
COPS Office Releases Two New Publications: Future Trends in Policing and State Implementation of Community Policing
COPS Office Highlights Building Trust With Communities of Color in June Issue of “The Beat”
COPS Office Releases Two New Publications on Law Enforcement Suicide and Building Relationships of Trust - 6/5/2014
COPS Office Highlights New Community Policing Resource - 5/27/2014
COPS Office Highlights Depth of Community Policing Resources - 3/13/2014
COPS Office Highlights Depth of Community Policing Resources - 2/3/2014
COPS Office Closes out 2013 with the Release of Eight New Community Policing Resources

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