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COPS Resources:The Community Policing Self Assessment Tool

Community Policing Self Assessment Tool

The Community Policing Self-Assessment Tool


The Community Policing Self-Assessment Tool (CP-SAT) is a survey that helps your agency measure its progress in implementing community policing. CP-SAT confidentially captures information about community partnerships, problem solving, and organizational impact.

Purpose of CP-SAT

This assessment allows agencies to measure the extent to which community policing has been implemented within their agency.

Background of CP-SAT

This tool was developed with significant input from community policing experts and practitioners and was designed to meet scientific standards for rigor, while also being user-friendly. This tool was created based on over five years of work by COPS, ICF International, and Police Executive Research Forum and has been administered in agencies across the country. The tool is currently being administered by ICF International on behalf of the COPS Office.

CP-SAT Modules

The CP-SAT will measure the three key components of community policing:

 Description of CP-SAT Short Form

*Community Partners include individuals/organizations who have formally agreed to work together in the pursuit of common goals. Community partnerships involve a two-way relationship that involves collaboration, shared power, and shared decision-making with the law enforcement agency.


The following sample report may be useful in understanding and preparing for the CP-SAT administration period.

You may access the Community Policing Self-Assessment Tool for your agency's specific grant program year below:

2014 CP-SAT for Tribal Agencies

CP-SAT Resources

The CP-SAT Resources web page provides a list of community policing resources that agencies can use to address and enhance problem-solving, partnerships, and organizational transformation efforts based on community policing strengths and areas for improvement noted in their CP-SAT report.

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