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New Hiring Grantee Resources

COPS Office Recruitment, Hiring & Retention Resources

New Hiring Grantee Resources: All of the resources listed on this page are available at no cost

Today’s Police and Sheriff Recruits - Presents results of a recruit assessment conducted by RAND, focusing on how understanding modern recruits can help departments refine their recruitment practices and develop a workforce well suited to community-oriented policing.
Police Recruitment and Retention for the New Millennium - Police practitioners' lessons on recruiting and retaining diverse, effective workforces are summarized.
Establishing Appropriate Staffing Levels for Campus Public Safety Departments - Factors and considerations that impact staffing for campus public safety departments are identified.
Reaching Out to the Private Sector: Building Partnerships and Managing Your Workforce - Top criminal justice leaders and Fortune 500 executives provide recommendations on the topics of recruitment and retention.

2008 RAND Hiring and Recruitment Summit (Presentations)


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The RAND clearinghouse is a web-based resource that serves as a "one-stop-shop" for information about recruitment and retention specifically designed for the law enforcement community. Discover Policing is an online career center for applicants interested in pursuing a career in policing, and for agencies looking to recruit and hire quality candidates.





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