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Building Partnerships with Stakeholders


Community Partnerships CD-ROM

Provides resources for community groups and citizens interested in partnering with local law enforcement to promote public safety.  Includes an introduction to the community policing philosophy, best practices, and case studies of successful partnerships, grant and funding information, and additional resources.

The COPS Collaboration Toolkit: How to Build, Fix, and Sustain Productive Partnerships

Practical guidance for law enforcement agencies on how to develop and sustain partnerships that support community policing. Designed to help law enforcement personnel, community-based organizations, educators, youth, and government officials.

Working with Private Security Firms

Synthesizes the key trends, challenges, benefits, and forms of partnership between law enforcement and private security companies. You can view either the full report, "Operation Partnership: Trends and Practices in Law Enforcement and Private Security Collaboration," or the Executive Summary. Both were produced by the Law Enforcement-Private Security Consortium with COPS support.

Partnering with Businesses to Address Public Safety Problems

Reviews the impact of crime against business and the roles businesses play in contributing to crime. Presents different types of business-police partnerships, some known to be effective and others still being tested.

Shifting and Sharing Responsibility for Public Safety Problems

Examines how police can persuade private citizens, business, or other government agencies to respond to common crime and disorder problems.

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