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Thank you for your interest in this year's
COPS Hiring
Program (CHP)

Details about the program:

  • Open to all state, local, and tribal law enforcement agencies with primary law enforcement authority
  • Provides funding to hire and re-hire entry level career law enforcement officers
    • Number of officer positions equals 5% of your actual sworn force strength (up to 15 officers for agencies with a service population of less than 1 million; or, up to 25 officers for agencies with a service population of over 1 million)
    • 75 percent of the entry-level salary and fringe benefits of each newly hired and/or rehired full-time officer, up to $125,000 per officer
  • Up to $137 million is available
  • Each grant is three years (36 months)
  • Addresses specific crime and disorder problems/focus areas
The COPS Hiring Program closed on June 23rd and we are currently processing applications. We will announce the 2016 CHP grant recipients in the fall.

Program Documents

COPS Hiring Program: 2015 - 2012

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