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FY 2008 At a Glance

In fiscal year 2008, the COPS office continued its support of state and local community policing efforts through grants, the development of technical assistance resources, and by working closely with law enforcement executives to address critical community policing efforts.

2008 Grant Programs

Secure Our Schools
2008 Grant Recipient List  PDFicon: pdf acrobat  TXT

Grants totaling $14.4 million were awarded to 143 local law enforcement agencies to enhance school safety in 34 states. The grants were awarded under the Secure Our Schools program, which provides funds to improve security at schools and on school grounds.

Tribal Resources Grant Program
2008 Grant Recipient List  PDFicon: pdf acrobat  TXT

COPS announced grants totaling $14.9 million to 80 tribal police departments and governments in 22 states. The funds are intended to support tribal law enforcement efforts to reduce crime and disorder, and to enhance the services that they provide.

Child Sexual Predator Program
2008 Grant Recipient List  PDFicon: pdf acrobat  TXT

COPS made awards totaling $9.9 million through a new program designed to help officials locate, arrest, and prosecute child sexual predators, and enforce state sex offender registration laws. Funds were awarded to 22 state and local agencies. COPS also provided approximately $600,000 to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children for technical assistance to grant recipients.

Universal Hiring Program
2008 Grant Recipient List  PDFicon: pdf acrobat  TXT

Through the 2008 Universal Hiring Program (UHP), COPS awarded $19.8 million in grants to fund the hiring of 269 law enforcement officers by 62 law enforcement agencies from 32 states and Puerto Rico. UHP awards provide up to 75% of the total salary and benefits of each new officer for three years, up to $75,000.





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